Welcome Message

Dear Colleagues, It is our distinct pleasure and honor to host you all in the beautiful and vibrant city of Davao, Philippines for most prestigious international conference of emergency medical services in Asia and the Pacific – the 5th Asian EMS Conference – EMS ASIA 2018.

“Towards Synergy in Emergency Care,” this year’s theme, propels all congress participants to focus their concerted efforts towards providing quality, effective and culturally-appropriate emergency health care for peoples in Asia and all over the world. As development continues to happen in many countries in Asia, initiatives dedicated to strengthening health management systems for emergency care delivery is paramount.

Research and education form the cornerstone of EMS practice in Asia. innovations in teaching-learning strategies, standardizing EMS curriculum and infusing technology in the practice of telemedicine, dispatch, disaster risk management and resuscitation are just a few examples of interesting topics to be discussed in the conference.

While EMS systems in many parts of Asia are at various stage of development, we hope that this year’s conference will provide the platform for extensive discussions of how we can move forward and assist one another to improve outcomes for health emergencies – with the leadership of the Asian Association for Emergency Medical Services (AAEMS).

Mabuhay and welcome!

Benedict Edward Valdez, MD, FPCS, FPSST
Department of Emergency Medicine,
SPMC Chair, Organizing Committee
Faith Joan Mesa-Gaerlan, MD, MS, FPCEM
Department of Emergency Medicine,
SPMC Vice-Chair, Organizing Committee